Kanhangad, 23kms south east of Kasargod is famous for two ashrams namely Anandashram and Nityanandashram.This internationally renowned spiritual centre housed in a serene atmosphere offers a quiet, peaceful ambience best suited for meditation and spiritual studies.Founded in 1931 by Swami Ramdas and Mother Krishnabai, endearingly called papa and mataji, Anandashram is about 5kms from Kanhangad in the Mangalore-Shornur sector of southern railway.

The main ashram building is on an elevated hilly spot. With in the ashram compound, there is a Bhajan hall, a satsang hall, samadhi mandirs, a book stall and an information center.There is also a small beautiful circular garden with a flag post atop which flutters the Ashram insignia with the holy Ram Nam printed on it.

The relics of the beloved papa and the holy ashes of papa and pujya mataji are preserved in a beautiful silver box in a small room of the ashram called ‘shrine’. It is kept over a marble platform along with the marble replicas of their holy feet. The walls of the shrine are adorned with pictures of papa, mataji and their parents.

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