Baba Dhansar Temple is a blessed location in the small town ‘Karua’ of Jammu and Kashmir state in Reasi region. The journey offers a lot in a form of stroll, various picturesque natural sceneries and waterfalls. This small waterfall is finally joins the famous Banganga River. According to the legends, this holy place has strong relation with Lord Shiva and famous Amarnath Yatra.

Baba Dhansar, as per Hindu mythology, is a rebirth of Lord Shiva’s serpent ‘Sheshnag’ which he cleared out at Anantnag while going to Amarnath Cave to describe the narrative of endlessness to Parvati. Later, Sheshnag transformed into a human as Vasudev and Dhansar took conception as one of the sons of his children. According to a popular local legend, the place wherein Dhansar situated used to be a residence of Demon. The people of that time were very afraid to the demon. They reached to Baba Dhansar to get rid of Demon. Hence, Baba Dhansar prayed to Lord Shiva and then Lord Shiva killed the demon. Hence, the Baba Dhansar temple as well as Lord Shiva cave is the most visited sacred places in the country.

Here, a huge spring gushes out of the mountainside in a thick grove of trees and forms a number of small waterfalls before flowing into the holy Banganga . Next to the spring in a small grove in the rock face is a naturally formed ‘Shivling’ on which droplets of water fall naturally all the year round. A big fair is held here during Shivratri. For the facility of the yatris visiting the place, the Shrine Board has carried out some developments including the construction of a Dharamshala.

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