Puranic name of Amarkantak was Riksha parvat. It is not only the Narmada which arises from Amarkantak, because theson River, initially referred to as Jwalawanti of Johila, the Mahanadi and the Amadoh, which is a major early tributary of the Godavari, all rise from within the Amarkantak plateau.Among all the sacred rivers of India, the Narmada occupies a unique place. Legend has it that Lord Shiva blessed Narmada with unique purifying powers. Whereas to purify himself, a devotee requires taking one dip in the Holy Ganga, seven days’ prayers on the banks of Yamuna and three days prayers on the banks of Saraswati, the mere sight of Narmada is enough. A charming folk tale describes the superiority of Narmada over Ganga. Once every year, after she herself is polluted beyond tolerance, Ganga visits Narmada dressed like a dark woman and takes a cleansing purifying dip in its waters! Narmada, which is more than 150 million years older than the Ganges RiverGanga and is considered by many Hindus to be the most sacred for all the rivers of India, Amarkantak itself is sacred to the Hindus and is deemed to be a door-way to ‘nirwana’.

Places To Visit In Amarkantak

Trimukhi Temple

Trimukhi Temple is located atop a hill in Amarkantak and was constructed under the reign of the Kalchuris. It is also known as ‘Karna Mandir’, after King Karnadeb Mahachandra, who built it and is one of most ancient temples of India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the destroyer of the universe as per Hindu mythology. The top of the temple is sculpted with the face of Lord Shiva. This shows the immense intricacies carved out by the Kalchuri craftsmen. It is in close proximity to other attractions like Dudh Dhara Falls, Sonmuda, Kabir Chabutra, Mai ki Bagiya and Bhrugu Ka Mandal are some of the other places of tourist interest near the Trimukhi temple.

Dhuni Pani Amarkantak

Dhuni Pani is one of the important tourist destinations in Amarkantak. Amarkantak is situated at the meeting point of Vindhya and Satpura. The place is regarded as one of the religious places as the place bears various mythological aspects. Narmada is regarded as the blessed river and carries lots of importance in respect of Hindu mythology. Apart from Dhuni Pani there is Dugdhdhara and Kapildhara.

Dugdhdhara– a waterfall that falls in a tremendous speed from about 50ft.

Kapildhara– this is one of the popular picnic spot.

Dhuni Pani is situated in these hills and this is a natural hot water spring located at the midst of thick forest of Amarkantak. The spring is regarded as philosopher’s stone and the spring bears the healing properties and that makes the spring more famous. The natural hot water spring creates a holy ambience.

Narmada Udgam Amarkantak

This place is the birth place of river Narmada which is believed to be the most pious river as the river is originated from the body of Shiva. It is here the river Narmada Descends from Heaven with the permission of Lord Shiva.The place bears a rich mythical background. Being the origin of the river the place holds an eminent position in Hindu mythology. A temple named Narmada Udgam is located at the source of the river and this temple is one of the ancient temples that hold a distinguished position in the history of the Hindu religion. Apart from that there are other ruins of ancient temples near the waterfalls named Kapildhara and Dugdhdhara.


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