Ahobilam is located in Karnool district of Andhra Pradesh in the hills of the eastern hats, about 400 KM northwest of Chennai.

The temple consists of nine shrines to Lord Nrisimha located around a 5 KM circle. In addition to the nine shrines, there is a temple for Prahaladavarada Varadhan in the foothills of the mountain. Due to security reasons and the difficulty in performing daily worship, many of the utsava vigrahas of the nine shrines are kept in this temple.

Garuda wished for a vision of Lord Nrisimha in the form of the Avathara. To fulfill his wish, the Lord settled in the hills around Ahobilam in the midst of dense forests in nine different forms. For this reason this hill came to be known as Garudadri, Garudachalam, and Garudasailam.

Ahobilam is a divya narasimha-kshetra. It is a place where Lord Narasimha appeared out of a pillar and saved His devotee Prahlada. This place is also famous as the land of Nava Narasimha due to the nine cave temples of Lord Narasimha situated here. Ahobilam is situated in the Nallamalla forest amidst the lush green valleys, scintillating waterfalls and the meandering curves of the Bhavanashini River. Untouched by the modern development, this is a perfect place for anyone to experience divinity in the lap of nature. Ahobilam is also one among the 108 divya deshams – Srivaishnava temples.

The nine temples of Lord Narasimha in Ahobilam which house the self-manifested Deities of the Lord.

jwala ahobila malola kroda karanja bhargava
yogananda kshatravata pavana nava murthayaha

The nine Deities are Sri Jwala Narasimha, Sri Ahobila Narasimha, Sri Malola Narasimha, Sri Kroda Narasimha, Sri Karanja Narasimha, Sri Bhargava Narasimha, Sri Yogananda Narasimha, Sri Kshatravata Narasimha and Sri Pavana Narasimha.

Ahobilam is divided into Lower Ahobilam (Diguva Ahobilam) and Upper Ahobilam (Eguva Ahobilam). Upper Ahobilam is around ten kilometres from Lower Ahobilam and includes the following temples: Ahobila Narasimha, Krodha Narasimha, Jwala Narasimha and Malola Narasimha. The temples of Sri Yogananda Narasimha, Chatravatha Narasimha, Pavana Narasimha and Bhargava Narasimha constitute Lower Ahobilam. On the way from Lower Ahobilam to Upper Ahobilam is Sri Karanja Narasimha. Many devotees believe that the nine planets got their powers after worshipping these nine forms of the Lord and anyone who worships these nine forms can overcome the ill effect of the respective planet.

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